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 02-04-2013 20:25 GMT - #39621    IP:

Here's the combo & music video for kof-i 2012, which is the iPhone version of kofxiii.

This video contains almost the hardest combo of each characters appealed in video.

None of them are practical, but awesome mix up:) It also collects several infinity combo and bug.

I guarantee they all would be impressive and unique.

This must be an awesome video if ur a kof fan especially kofxiii and kof-i, so if u appreciate my video please leave feedback as


all the background music came from Blue Stahli, names will be given in credits

i don't own any of them and i am not using them on commercial purposes

all credits go to the owners

Total Size - 450MB
Running Time: 15 minutes and 5 seconds
Video Codec: H.264
Audio Codec: AAC (FAAC)
Container: MP4
Resolution: 1920X1080
Edit Program: Finalcut, AE, Motion

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